Outside The House (Trailer):
I was once told by an older Black man that mental illness doesn’t exist in Black folks. I asked him to explain, then, my friends who killed themselves, my cousins who are battling anxiety and depression, and my friends who have yet to find the help they desperately need to overcome loss and a plethora of other life happenings.
Outside the House is a documentary about Black folks and mental health. It’s about sharing our stories so others understand they are not alone. It’s about finding out why we aren’t sitting on couches and chairs talking to those who aren’t emotionally invested in us, in an attempt to get well. This documentary is about finally breaking the cycles that are killing us.

Seeking Asylum:
A documentary about Black Lives escaping American tyranny. Darnell Lamont Walker took a trip through several European countries to ask if they’d allow Black Americans to seek asylum because they fear persecution at home.

Racist White Boy Porn: How to be Black in America:
“I imagine racist white boys sit at home, getting off to Black bodies hanging from whatever strong branches their granddaddies could find. A sort of racist porn.” – Darnell Lamont Walker
I had a flag and time on my hands. I had anger in my heart, and news that another Black man in America was shot with his hands up.

Seeking Asylum: South Africa:
Originally, the footage collected in Johannesburg, South Africa was to be used to continue the conversation began with Seeking Asylum. But Philando Castile & Alton Sterling were killed, and I was reminded again why I made the first film. I hope this makes sense for you all.