VERY SHORT NOTES I WROTE TO YOU WHILE I WAS HIGH ON COCAINE: It’s Los Angeles and New York City, Brooklyn actually, in 2000-something, and standing this close to a speaker, my body begins feeling like a pulsar. A few seconds ago, I was leaning against a broken restroom stall door, keeping it shut, taking bumps off a key. This book is about who comes to mind, and all the things I needed to say but wasn’t sober enough to call. Sober enough, however, to create these very short notes. These thoughts are pure.

I HATE THAT I HAVE TO TELL YOU: A Children’s Book about the constant conversations Black parents must have with their children about how to handle encounters with police, but knowing in the end these conversations may not matter.

CREEP: “I would have given up pork for you,” she said. I probably knew all along it wasn’t going to work out, but I was hopeful. So I wrote about her like I had written about the many before, and the many who came after, hoping I’d change before the itch to change me themselves took over.

BOOK OF SHE: Falling in love with a writer must be a difficult thing. The lines between truth and fiction become blurred, and you find yourself tiptoeing around it, and sometimes over it. You just want to be loved, and the writer wants to make you immortal. Book of She is about the immortal women collected over a lifetime.

AN AVENUE OF TREES: Life separated West and Sanchez, and death brings them back together, in a place from which they are far removed: The Heights. Now they must remember what made them the people they’ve become, while trying to forget the same thing. This is the story of those friends we’ve become or will become, and how we mend those tears, rips and dry those tears.

SAINT OF WALL STREET: Every so often, I take a trek down to Los Angeles’ Skid Row and lend my talents, skills, thoughts, hands where I can. And I often encourage others to come along because it breaks my heart when I’m not able to help everyone there. These photographs were taken in the heart of the forgotten corner of the city. The plan is to take proceeds from this book and put them back into Skid Row in the form of food, classes, clothes, and possible even housing.

THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING IN THE WORLD: The Most Beautiful Thing in the World is the story of a mother showing her son that no matter how great the obstacles, they should never keep that amazing feeling of achievement from happening. The story of a boy who discovers what true beauty is.