Relationship Counseling

The Pre-marital Consultation Service was designed to assess the relationship and provide the couple with the tools and knowledge required to build a more balanced, communicative, and strong partnership. While I understand many things in life are meant to be experienced by leaping blindly into them, marriage is not one of them.

Engaged couples and couples strongly considering a solid future are strongly encouraged to take advantage of these services.

Pre-Marital Consultation Services Will Provide:

A. A rapid analysis of relationship stresses and strengths
B. Recommendations for enhancing intimacy and communication
C. Strategies for managing specific areas of conflict

Pre-Marital Consultation Services Will Help You:

A. Identify ineffective patterns of communication
B. Manage the stress of the engagement and wedding planning
C. Establish boundaries with outside forces, including the in-laws
D. Understand and resolve difficulties involving sexual intimacy
E. Increase emotional safety in the marriage

The Consultation

While I prefer face-to-face consultation, I’m aware everyone isn’t fortunate enough to soak up this Los Angeles sun with me. Therefore, Skype is always an option.

A. The one hour consultation will highlight key focus areas you choose based on the initial assessment
B. The consultation is to provide the couple with action steps to be applied immediately to aid in moving forward as a unit
C. Be sure to list your top three available times on the assessment
D. After signing up, I will contact you within 1 business day to schedule your consultation


Assessment fees are $25 after completion and return of the assessment. Consultation fees are often adjusted on an individual basis, depending on type of session, session frequency, and sometimes the client’s financial constraints.
Darnell Lamont Walker, PhD has been counseling individuals and couples in Communication, Partnership, Sexual Intimacy, Vulnerability, and just about everything else responsible for the building up and breaking down of love, since 2007. His journey down this path began during his undergraduate studies while majoring in Speech Communications with a concentration in Intimate and Marital Communication. Since, Darnell Lamont Walker, PhD has become certified to officiate over weddings as well.