Wanderlust: is a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world. The Clever Bastard understands the importance of sometimes living with reckless abandon, hopping a flight, and showing up on the other side of the world for a breath of fresh air. This grant is for those who understand the importance also.

How it works: We buy a ticket for you to an unknown location, or invite you to come with Passport Required, free of charge.

To Apply:
Where is it you want to be? Why? How will that place change you? What will you do there to make it better? Answer these questions in 500 – 800 words. Save as PDF. Send to: Subject: Wanderlust Grant

“And you say Paris is gay, but it has its down times. You say go in the spring and not the summer, because watching the autumn creep through the Rive Gauche preparing for winter is hard.”
– Darnell Lamont Walker