Similar to what his online dating profile would say, Darnell Lamont Walker looks odd in person, but amazing on paper. He often jokes, “I’m a decent man in an ugly suit with a sunny disposition.” Born and partly raised in Charlottesville, VA, Darnell learned the hustle early in life, operating a lottery out of his 1st – 4th grade classroom, then graduating to selling his poetry to classmates and teachers.

DSC_2231nameWhile Darnell has everything it takes to stand before a class of thirsty students, or before a conference room full of suited employees, in his heart, he is an artist living outside of every box that’s been built for him. As an author, Darnell has published several books, two of which became bestsellers. As a playwright, he’s won multiple awards, including three Best Dramas. As an artist and photographer, Darnell has had his work published and sold all around the world, including Vogue and Vogue Italia Magazines, and on walls in Barcelona, Paris, Marrakech, and London. As a filmmaker, actor, producer, director, and screenwriter, Darnell and his team have received countless awards, most recently receiving three Emmy nominations, winning two.”I like feeling like I’ve done nothing. It gives me more to go for,” Darnell says.

In a world surrounded by good and creative energy, and a huge spread of desserts and drinks is where Darnell Lamont Walker belongs, and where he will stay.

Darnell Lamont Walker currently lives in Los Angeles, CA & Johannesburg, SA.