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Someone probably lied and told you it’d be easy to get a job as long as you had the education and skills. While those things help, if your resumé sucks, those things may not be able to save you. In this ever-competitive market, you’re going to need that extra UMPH that a well-written and prepared resumé by Darnell Lamont Walker can deliver. The resumés and cover letters I’ve created have gained optimum results, obtaining multiple interviews, and the jobs my clients never imagined they’d be able to get.

Of Course I Can Do A Dope Resume For You. I’ve Done Them For The Following Positions:

Radio Personality
Military to Civilian
College Professor
Opera Singer
Police Officer
And So Many More

Also Providing The Following: Reference Letters Salary History & Requests

A great resume is an awesome investment, especially if you show up to work each morning with a sad face, spend 8 hours complaining, one hour eating, and the weekend recovering from 40 hours of depression. Start your new life with a job you want NOW!

Turnaround Time:2-5 Business Days
No Refunds
Email Me Your Resume
Just the Resume: $125
Just the Cover Letter: $100
The Combo Pack: $200
Edits After Acceptance: $50
Personal Statements / Entry Essays: $150+  (depends on page count)


Also Accept Square Cash App ($5 Discount If Using This Method)



1. Is it possible to get my resume back before 48 hours?
Yes. It’s very possible. Depending on how soon you need it, it could be an additional $20-$50.

2. What makes your resumes so good?
I’m not sure. But I do have a 93% success rate. Those who didn’t get hired yet are simply not hirable. Simple as that.

3. Can I see a sample of your work?
No. I’ve sent samples before and ended up having my work poorly copied and stolen. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

4. If I need you to lie on my resume, will you?

“Job well done! Thank you so much! Resume posted on Monday had a job interview by Friday. I promise you will not regret him updating your resume.” – Micana, Nurse

“I liked my job, but I was pretty sure it was time for a new one. So I gave Darnell a shot. Better job. $24k more money within a month. [expletive], life is good.” – Jeremy, Engineer

“I submitted my resume too late, so I didn’t get the job I was applying for. Two days later, they hit me up and created a position based on the duties you put on my resume. Word for word! Crazy, right? Thanks, bro.” – Lavel G., Former Soldier turned Civilian

*Unless it’s my fault, you only receive ONE free edit. If you have a template you’d like to use, send that before I begin. I will not change templates after completion*
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