Society of Good Ideas | A Grant

Society of Good Ideas | A Creative Grant

Artist, Darnell Lamont Walker, created the Society of Good Ideas Creative Grant to help artists push open the door just a little wider or to simply take it off the hinges. This award of up to $750 is to be used toward furthering the mission of the artist and their craft.

All Artists

All Art

Up to $750

October 25, 2017

Chosen Artist:
November 5, 2017

Fine Print:
Project must be completed by June 1, 2018. Accepting the grant will make Darnell Lamont Walker a producer or like-title on the project (depending on the project).

To Apply:
Email the following to in PDF (Subject Line “Good Idea Application):
1. Full Name
2. Most Checked Email Address
3. Title Of Your Project
4. Details About Your Project (300 Words or Less)
5. Project Site (If Applicable)
6. Project Images (If Applicable)
7. How You Plan To Use The Money
8. A 100 Word or Less Bio