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I've spent the last few years building a safe space I could carry with me, inviting others in to unpack whatever needs unpacking or to simply breathe. Take a deep breath now. Open your awareness to the breath going in and the breath going out. Now read aloud:

I am without beginning or ending.
I am eternal.
I am free to experience life in any way I choose.
My consciousness is not bound by time or space.
Like the universe itself, I am limitless.
I am a part of a vast, unified wholeness.
I am free from all concerns about the past.
I am free from all concerns about the future.
My life is in perfect order, and it unfolds according to a perfect plan.

I do not strive to attain the things that I desire; I simply allow them to flow to me.
I release my grip on life.
I am calm in the knowledge that all my needs are taken care of.

I am open to all of life’s experiences.
As the moments of my life come and go, I am at peace.
I do not judge these moments. I welcome them. I observe them. I accept them all.

If problems arise, I do not resist them. I observe them with a calm, open mind, for I know that they will resolve in time.

And I have all the time in the world.

In the quiet spaces between my thoughts, inspiration comes to me.
All becomes clear.

My life transforms in magical and unexpected ways.
Obstacles that once seemed impassable, now seem insignificant.
I rise effortlessly above all challenges, to a place of serenity and knowing.
My path forward is becoming clearer and clearer.

Every day, in every way, my life becomes more and more harmonious.
I trust in the natural flow of life.
I resist nothing, I yearn for nothing.
I gratefully receive all that comes my way.

My consciousness is not bound by time or space.
Like the universe itself, I am limitless.
I am a part of a vast, unified wholeness.

Reasons You're Here:

  1. Stress and anxiety are recurring issues
  2. You're looking for a clearer path
  3. Hopelessness takes up space in your life
  4. You feel lost
  5. Life is good, but there's something more to be discovered
  6. You need a hard reset on your intentions

Because over the course of our several hours or days together, we'll be using nontraditional, sometimes controversial methods, this space requires that you be open-minded and willing to be vulnerable or at least attempt vulnerability. Everything in this space is done with compassion.

Want To Come Into The Space?
I am Los Angeles-based. We can make arrangements for you to join me here and I am often traveling and hosting worldwide. Surely, we will make time and space to begin this journey for you.

Contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns you have.

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