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That's the best way to begin our journey to healing & happiness.

“Just like there's always time for pain, there's always time for healing.”

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Maria S. Workshop Attendee
Vee Wayne Viewer
M. Gomez Psychologist

What a beautiful experience my husband and I had in Esalen! Your workshop lit up the writing flame inside of me, as I told you before saying goodbye on Sunday. I am forever grateful to you!

“I cannot really tell you the beauty in what you have created. I have tried to break through the shell of what happened to me ­ filling it with my pain/angst/tears and drowning beneath the weight of carrying it inside. This film revealed/triggered details I forgot and released me from them. I feel a liberation I wasn’t completely sure I was ready for. Yet here I am.”

"It's a rare gift that Darnell has, making everyone feel comfortable telling them their darkest secrets. Then making them feel beautiful after."

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Leave no room for regret in your carry-on.

  2. Vision: Wayfaring into world destinations unknown will bring incredible camaraderie,
    uncharted peace, and full laughter to backpackers, explorers, wanderers, magic bean buyers, and those in search of something more.
  4. Mission: Connect the world. Ease regret


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