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Someone probably lied and told you it’d be easy to get a job as long as you had the talent, education, and skills. While education, skills, and talent help, if your resumé is trash, those things may not be able to save you.


In this ever-competitive market, you’re going to need that extra push that a well-written and amazingly-prepared resumé by me can deliver. The resumés and cover letters I’ve created have gained optimum results, obtaining multiple interviews and jobs my clients never imagined they’d be able to get.


Resumés & Cover Letters For Almost Every Job. Including:
Radio Personality
Executive Director
Associate Professor
Military to Civilian

Also Providing The Following:
Reference Letters
Salary History & Requests
Personal Statements For Higher Education


Being unhappy at work is not normal. I’m here to bring you back to happiness. A great resume is an awesome investment. Invest in your future. Start your new life with a job you want NOW!

Resumé: $130

Cover Letter: $100

Resumé & Cover Letter: $200

Govt Resumé: $150

Govt Resumé & Cover: $230

Expedited Services: + $50


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Unless you've paid to expedite it, please give me 7 days from the date of payment to return the finished product