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“Walker’s work is arguably some of the most important on the scene today.” – Afropunk


Children’s Media Content:

In 2018, I joined the Sesame Street Writer’s Room Fellowship in New York City as an emerging storyteller. Creating original television content for children has been nothing short of amazing. Having the ability and resources to create worlds in which all children, regardless of ability, race, or gender could see themselves has pushed me deeper and deeper into this work.


Since leaving the Fellowship, I’ve not only been working on original content and pitching those ideas, pilots, and bibles, but I’ve been working and writing for shows many of our children know and love, including Blue’s Clues & YouTwo Whats?! And A Wow!, and Karma’s World.

Samples Upon Request

TV Specs:



Loud House (Children’s)

Blue’s Clue & You (Children’s)


TV Originals:



Everything Is Okay

Pilot Jones (Children’s)


The Bonnet


Film Originals:

James + Lucien

Such A Beautiful

Story of a Life

Something More


If you’re interested in reading any of the samples, contact me.