“Creep is better than sex.” – Lisa Chante

A book of relationships, exploits, sex, drugs, and memories. “I would have given up pork for you,” she said. I probably knew all along it wasn’t going to work out, but I was hopeful. So I wrote about her like I had written about the many before, and the many who came after, hoping I’d change before the itch to change me themselves took over. I started Creep in 2005, and was comfortable enough to say “the end” where there would be no more girls who would meet my grandmother. It was a good run.



Started in 2005 while with “Girl 3,” CREEP is a book highlighting several relationships, their ups, downs, insanity, real conversations, emails, text messages, letters, visits to the shrink, and oh so much more. Between the insanity, sex tips, anecdotes, and tomfoolery exists for the reader to absorb and put into practice. Names have been changed to protect the shamed. Foreword by: R. Molden. Edited by: Janna Hall