Writing Workshop: Writing Our Way Back


Writing has the ability to heal, empower, and transform, and Darnell Lamont Walker leads writers of all levels to dig deeper into the practice to find ways to encourage each other, encourage their works, and encourage their future as creatives – as writers. This is about writing our way back to ourselves.


Writing improves our mood and well-being, reduces our stress levels, helps us communicate clearly, gives us tools to handle hard times, and writing helps us express gratitude. So why haven’t we found the time and space to do more of it?


This virtual workshop invites writers of all levels. Together, we’ll dig deeper into the practice of writing, find ways to encourage each other, encourage our own works, and encourage our future as creatives – as writers.


In this workshop, we’ll:

  • – Engage in writing exercises that’ll help us tap into our creativity
  • – Write openly and honestly without judgment
  • – Affirm our inner creative, writer, and artist
  • – Call out the things that are blocking us
  • – Create a community of support
  • – Challenge ourselves as creative beings

After each session, we will take the time to share our work in our supportive community. You are not obligated to do so.


What You’ll Need:

  • – Notebook
  • – Pen or pencil
  • – Great Wifi or Data Connection
  • – A comfortable seat
  • – Positive energy

This weekend workshop will foster an environment that will encourage you to confidently call yourself an artist. You will cultivate techniques and rituals that will fuel your creativity and give you the audacity to integrate it all into your daily life.


The takeaway from the workshop will be the tools necessary to develop a writing practice that will bring you joy, success, healing, insight.